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We run a range of seminars and forums to share knowledge and experience to help drive the quality of research and data analysis in transport safety.


Previous events 

Reoffending Evaluation of Alcohol Ignition interlock sentences in New Zealand- 04/08/2022

The New Zealand Government identified drink drivers as high risk and high priority area of concern in 2010, and legislation was later passed introducing Alcohol Interlock Orders (AIO) as a sentencing option in New Zealand in September 2012.

This study aimed at understanding whether reoffending rates amongst people given an AIO is different than those who do not receive such an order.

Reoffending Evaluation of Alcohol Ignition interlock sentences in New Zealand - Presnetation  [PPTX, 5 MB]


  • To act as a channel to help implement the Transport Evidence Base Strategy
  • To raise awareness of relevant research, data analysis techniques and data availability across the transport sector–including international research and connections.
  • To identify information or research gaps.
  • To ensure research is relevant and help the take-up of research for policy development.
  • To identify opportunities for collaboration amongst members.
  • To reduce duplication and provide the opportunity to learn from, and build on others' work.
  • To drive quality by providing a forum for peer review and critique.


  • Seminars on current and planned research and data analysis relating to transport safety.
  • Regular updates on relevant research and events.
  • Support the annual Transport Knowledge Conference.Safety across the transport sector

On Friday 16 April, there were three presentations given on safety in the transport sector:

Public Attitudes to Road Safety [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Presented by Dr Paul Graham, Waka Kotahi - April 2021

System approaches for understanding crash trends [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Presented by Hamish Mackie and Rebekah Thorne, Mackie Research - April 2021

The Role of TAIC in safety [PDF, 3.1 MB]

Harald Hendel, Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) - April 2021

Hub leads and membership

The hub lead is Iain McAuley (, Waka Kotahi.

The hub is open to anyone interested in sharing safety-related data, information and research. Email to join.