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The Transport Knowledge Hub (TKH) brings together a community of people to implement the Transport Evidence Base Strategy (TEBS)(external link).

This aims to ensure the transport sector has the right data, information, research and evaluation to deliver an evidence-based transport system.

The TKH provides an environment that:

  • enables communication between the people and agencies that generate, supply, and use transport data, information, research and evaluation.

  • creates a collaborative environment for people working in the transport sector to share data, statistics, research ideas and evaluation results.
  • provides a way to identify and close future knowledge gaps, research needs and opportunities for the sector, and improve the transport evidence-base for decision-making.

The TKH achieves this by:

  • organising regular seminars and other events to promote the sharing of knowledge, research, data, and ideas.
  • promoting cross-sector collaboration through special interest Topic Hubs. These focus on particular subject areas such as urban development, health, economics or safety and bring together transport professionals from the government, private, non-government and academic sectors. 
  • providing a framework for evaluating, prioritising and filling data, information and research gaps and ideas.
  • an established governance structure that is representative of the wider transport sector to assist set the direction, coordinate funding opportunities.


The Transport Knowledge Hub has three levels:

  • Topic hubs provide an open environment where members can share transport data, evidence, knowledge, research, information, capabilities and ideas.
  • The Decision Board communicates with the other levels of the Transport Knowledge Hub and makes decisions around priorities for transport data, information and research.
  • The Cross-Agency Governance Committee (CAGC) is comprised of executive level representatives and provides strategic leadership.

Membership of the TKH is open to anyone working in, or interested, in transport.

To join the TKH please email your contact information to


Guidelines for topic hubs [PDF, 352 KB]

Topic hubs: Terms of Reference [PDF, 100 KB]

Decision Board: Terms of Reference [PDF, 100 KB]

Cross-Agency Committee: Terms of Reference [PDF, 313 KB]