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This hub covers vehicle, transport infrastructure and non-infrastructure related technologies.


  • To act as a channel to help implement the Intelligent Transport Systems Technology Action Plan 2014-18, Auckland Transport Alignment Project, Transport Research Strategy and the Transport Domain Plan.
  • To raise awareness of relevant research, data analysis techniques and data availability across the transport sector–including international research and connections.
  • To identify information or research gaps.
  • To ensure research is relevant and to facilitate the take-up of research for policy development.
  • To identify opportunities for collaboration amongst members.
  • To reduce duplication and provide the opportunity to learn from, and build on others' work.
  • To drive quality by providing a forum for peer review and critique.


  • Seminars on current and planned research and data analysis relating to transport technologies.
  • Regular updates on relevant research and events.
  • Support the annual Transport Knowledge Conference.


The hub is open to anyone interested in sharing technology-related data, information and research. Email to join.