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Welcome to the Technology and Innovation Hub. The Hub is designed to capture our collective knowledge around transport-related technologies. This will help inform evidence-based policy development that supports the wellbeing of our people and the liveability of our cities.


Upcoming Events

Urban Gondolas – innovating the way we move
Tuesday, 21 December | 2:00-3:00pm

Online via Microsoft Teams

If you thought gondolas were only for skiing, you’d be mistaken. Join us for a presentation by Doppelmayr to see how modern ropeways are being integrated into various cities networks to provide a truly integrated and sustainable transport solution. Is now the time for New Zealand to discover transport on another level?

Register for the event here(external link)


Previous events 

Transport Knowledge Conference 2021 (TKC2021)

The purpose of the conference was to bring together the transport research, data and evaluation community with government officials, decision makers and policy teams from the across the wider transport sector. The theme for TKC2021 was Future Transport Direction in Aotearoa.

Note that this event was organised by the wider Transport Knowledge hub rather than the Technology and Innovation hub specifically and will cover a broad range of transport topics.

To see presentations from previous years click here(external link)

7 October | Micromobility – a gimmick or game changer?

This joint session with Beca (sharing research commissioned by Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency) and Te Manatū Waka explores forecasting and data on micromobility and how this can help inform policy.

View the two presentation slides here(external link) (Shared Micromobility) and here(external link) (Micromobility fad to forecast)

Read the Waka Kotahi commissioned research report by Beca here(external link)



28 September | Hitcharide - changing the way people move

Hitch is a company based in Aotearoa looking to tackle two big challenges facing the transport system – congestion and emissions. They are doing this by revitalising the well-established concept of carpooling.

Watch the recording here(external link) 

What is the role of technology and innovation in the transport sector?

Technology and innovation can be important tools in helping us reach desired transport outcomes. However, when we look at what is already available and what solutions are on the horizon it is important to first ask: what system do we want to create, and how do we achieve this? Will this technology help or hinder our broader objectives? In some cases, using existing methods and technology in new ways, through innovating, can be just as powerful as adopting completely new technologies.

Transport is part of a wider ecosystem.

What is the purpose of this hub?

Technology and innovation are playing an increasingly significant role in the New Zealand transport system. We are seeing the development of technologies with the potential to improve accessibility outcomes, reduce emissions, strengthen the resilience of the system, positively contribute to the economy, and support the health and safety of our people. There are also opportunities for New Zealand to be at the forefront of innovation to support these outcomes.

The Technology and Innovation hub is a means of sharing resources and strengthening our collective understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies and innovations within the wider transport system. It should act as a conduit for information sharing, with industry informing Government and vice versa. The intention is to provide an open forum for discussion that helps build knowledge and inform policy development.

What are the objectives of this hub?

The Technology and Innovation hub has two overarching objectives. The first is to drive a research programme that supports policy thinking and development by raising awareness of research, identifying knowledge gaps, shaping future research, and then bringing that research to life. The second is to act as a facilitator and connector between interested parties, in both the private and public sector. This seeks to improve collaboration, maximise resources, drive quality and challenge existing thinking. These objectives are outlined in more detail below.

We are guided by transport outcomes

Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport developed a Transport Outcomes Framework(external link) to help steer policy in a direction that ensures the wellbeing of people and the liveability of the places they inhabit in is at the heart of decision-making. 

Transport outcomes framework


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