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Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to the Maritime Topic Hub.  The Maritime environment contains a wide range of actors and perspectives, including everything from harm prevention in areas such as ports, the safety of recreational craft, impact on the marine environment from emissions, analysis of NZ’s international supply chain and rescue co-ordination and incident response.  The topic hubs seeks to support the widespread maritime whānau by promoting evidence, enabling connections across a dynamic and complex setting.  We encourage anyone with an interest to come along and contribute.

Upcoming events:

Introductory meeting:                  

When: 17th June 2022                    

Where: Online via Teams

To register for an invitation, please contact Tom Eats at


The hub exists to:

  • Build connections between maritime researchers, analysts and data practitioners working in the maritime domain
  • Support the application of research and analysis to policy & practice
  • Develop future research opportunities through making data available for analysis and other forms of collaboration

All are welcome to join.  The topic hub activities will be tagged to make related documents easy to find.  As bodies of water touch of all of us in some way, so too will the subjects covered.  The domain is relevant to all the Ministry of Transport Outcomes Framework elements which will be one set of tags:

  • Inclusive access
  • Healthy and safe people
  • Economic prosperity
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Resilience and security

We will also tag material related to  Maritime New Zealand’s System Outcomes:

  • Safe People & Operations: Supporting physical, social & economic wellbeing through safe maritime operations
  • Secure Ports & Ships: Protecting people, goods and NZ’s social & economic interests
  • Clean Seas & Waterways: Playing our part in protecting and preserving the marine environment by minimising harmful emissions and discharges from ships

Finally, we’ll also tag with three related areas of interest that apply widely, but particularly in governance:

  • Industry & personal perspectives,
  • Future influences, and
  • Regulatory Practice

Three main types of activity will take place:

  • Communication within the group about new research, data and analysis priorities and projects
  • Regular meetings of a working group every quarter to update research and analysis pipelines and support ongoing projects
  • Events to discuss specific research, data or analytical outputs, usually through a presentation or seminar