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We run a range of seminars and discussion forums to advance our understanding of the links between transport and the economy


Putting values on road safety, travel time and reliability

This webinar presents the findings of a project funded from the Transport Sector Research Programme and its report published online.


Presenters: Tim Denne, Geoff Kerr, Adolf Stroombergen , David Glover, Barry Gribben, and Neil Tee

Research Report 698 Monetised benefits and costs manual (MBCM) parameter values(external link)| Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (


  • To identify research gaps around the link between transport and the economy.
  • To identify collaborative opportunities amongst members.
  • To raise awareness of related research to the wider research community.
  • To act as a channel to help implement the Transport  Evidence Base Strategy (TEBS).


  • Regular committee meetings to update research priorities identified by the Ministry of Transport, and exchange ideas or update progress of research projects from other organisations.
  • Seminars on current and planned research relating to transport and the economy.
  • Regular email updates on relevant research programmes.
  • Support the annual Transport Knowledge Conference and other relevant conferences.

Hub leads and membership

The hub leads are Sandy Fong (, Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency and Kane Swift (, Ministry of Transport. 

The hub is open to anyone interested in transport economics related data, information and research. Email to join.