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We run a range of seminars and discussion forums to help share knowledge and experience, and drive the quality of research and data analysis in aviation.


The hub provides a forum for those interested in aviation related modelling, forecasting and research to:

  • share information and expertise.
  • share the results and conclusions of any aviation related research.
  • seek feedback, advice and quality assurance from other experts in the field.
  • identify research needs and data gaps.
  • improve coordination (and reduce duplication of effort) across the sector.

We recognise the hub will only succeed if it is providing value to its members. For this reason, the scope, membership and objectives of the group may evolve over time in order to meet the needs of its members.


The group meets at least every quarter, but may meet more often when required.

The format mostly includes presentations based around specific research projects or proposals, but will also provide for less structured discussion of trends, emerging issues, data gaps, information needs and methodologies. The group will be encouraged to come up with their own agenda items.

Hub leads and membership

The hub lead is Joe Dewar (CAA)

The hub is open to anyone interested in sharing aviation-related data, information and research. Email to join.