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The Hub provides a platform for iwi and hapū Māori partners, government stakeholders, academics and Māori organisations to identify and prioritise the main evidence gaps relating to Māori in the transport sector, and to collectively work towards addressing these gaps through further research.


 The overarching objectives of the Māori Transport Knowledge Hub include:

  • Provide leadership and guidance on issues related to Māori in the transport sector,
  • Share information and knowledge about the experiences of Māori in transport, and increase the visibility and use of information in the policy-making process (not limited to the Ministry or Waka Kotahi),
  • Provide a mechanism for members of the transport sector from public and private organisations as well as academia and across inter-related disciplines to collaborate with each other on this initiative,
  • Provide in-depth insights to support the work of the Ministry of Transport and Waka Kotahi on their Māori Strategies by broadening research, evidence, analytical and modelling knowledge and capability,
  • Identify opportunities to work together to address issues related to Māori through data sharing, sharing experiences and best practice, communications/education initiatives, or identifying areas where interventions may be required,
  • Finding pathways to address existing knowledge gaps pertaining to Māori in the transport sector through commissioning and contracting research.

Te huarahi tika, ka ora ai te reo Māori – The road to bilingual traffic signage in Aotearoa

On Friday 16 April 2021, a presentation on bilingual signage in Aotearoa was given by Waka Kotahi's Dr Maggie Trotter and Kai O'Donnell and can be viewed here [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Knowledge Hub Hui – 4 December 2020

Research from Dr Rhys Jones

Ministry of Transport Māori Strategy

Our website reflects Hei Arataki, our Māori strategy, and our commitment to our Crown–Māori partnership responsibilities.  

Tā mātau kaupapa (Ministry of Transport)(external link) 

Hei Arataki (external link)

Future Te Ao Māori Knowledge Hub Events

16 April 10am-12pm - Te reo Māori bilingual road signs(external link) 

21 May 10am-12pm - Māori and the Transport and the transport system 

30 July 10am-12pm - Road safety outcomes for Māori 

17 Sept 10am-12pm - Hīkina te Kohupara – climate change and the Transport Emissions Action Plan

3 Dec 10am-12pm - Final joint kaupapa TBC

Waka Kotahi

Te Ara Kotahi is the Māori Strategy for Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency). The strategy provides strategic direction to the organisation on how it work with and respond to Māori as the Crown’s Treaty partner, and what this means for how we do business.

Māori and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency(external link)

Hub leads and membership

There are two initial leads for the Māori Transport Knowledge Hub who will work together to identify collaboration opportunities. The leads are:

Matthew Gifford – Principal Advisor Māori Strategy, Ministry of Transport

Nicholas Manukau - Senior Manager Māori, Waka Kotahi

The hub is open to anyone interested in sharing or discussing Māori transport related experience, data, information and research. Email to join.