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With the support from various transport practitioners and researchers, our consultants have now utilised the information and data submitted to establish an overall costs and charges picture for the domestic transport system for 2018/19.


The DTCC study aims to improve our understanding of the costs of the New Zealand transport system, including road, rail and coastal shipping (domestic passenger aviation was subsequently removed from the scope due to Covid), on the country’s economy, environment and population. It also looks at costs relative to the charges or burdens facing transport users. There are five DTCC information and Q&A virtual sessions as outlined below:


Session 1 – DTCC stakeholder engagement – Road passenger and road freight


Presentation on Road Passenger transport cost by Richard Paling [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Presentation on Marginal Cost of Road Wear and Road Capacity by David Lupton [PDF, 839 KB]

Session 2 - DTCC stakeholder engagement - Social, health and environmental impacts


DTCC draft results AQ and GHG emissions - August 2022 [PDF, 770 KB](external link)

DTCC draft results Acoustics - August 2022 [PDF, 740 KB](external link)

Session 3 - DTCC stakeholder engagement – Urban Public Transport


DTCC draft results Urban Public Transport - August 2022 [PDF, 1.1 MB](external link)


Session 4 - DTCC stakeholder engagement – Coastal shipping, inter-islander and rail transport



DTCC draft results Rail Transport - August 2022 [PDF, 983 KB](external link)

DTCC draft results Coastal Shipping - August 2022 [PDF, 835 KB](external link)


Session 5 - DTCC stakeholder engagement – All other topics



This session includes walking & cycling, taxi, ride-hailing, micro-mobility and parking.

Presentation on alternative modes by Stuart Donovan [PDF, 1 MB](external link) 

Presentation on road crashes by Glen Koorey [PDF, 1.3 MB](external link)